Monday, February 14, 2011

Which Valentine are you feasting? And why?

Most in America aren’t thinking in term of the church calendar or who this saint was.  Be honest. Did you get a card?  Are you taking your sweetie to dinner?

The Feast of St. Valentine was determined by Pope Gelasius I, but was he a priest from Rome...or a bishop from Interamma, or a martyr in the Roman province of Africa?  It depends on who you read.  And it's an East/West kinda thing too, since the Eastern church celebrated his feast on July 30th, my sister's birthday.

The one people want to believe is the Valentine is from Rome, the priest who married a Christian couple or couples when such was against the law. He is seen as the patron of affianced couples.  Hence, love.  The traditions associated with "Valentine's Day", documented in Geoffrey Chaucer's Parliament of Foules and set in the fictional context.

OK, how does this help you in your walk with God today or in your marriage  or your home life?  Will you be more ready to forgive today?  Will it make you more loving to your neighbors and workers, but just your sweetie??  Will you treat her as well tomorrow?

Rejoice in the faithful lives of the Valentines, and live yours to the glory of Almighty God.

Both you and God know how it's 'working'.  Enjoy the day!


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