Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unreasonable faith...

I subscribe to a blog written by author/business thinker Sean Godin.  In today’s edition, it’s entitled, “Unreasonable” (!+Mail), and he begins with “It's unreasonable to get out of bed on a snow day, when school has been cancelled, and turn the downtime into six hours of work on an extra credit physics lab.”.  Or...

“It's unreasonable for a trucking company to answer the phone on the first ring.”

Or my favorite, “It's unreasonable to expect a doctor's office to have a pleasant and helpful front desk staff.”

He ends the blog saying “Fortunately, the world is filled with unreasonable people. Unfortunately, you need to compete with them.”

Often we use the verse about the "reason for the hope that is in you" (1 Peter 3:15).  For some, that means a conversational faith with little or no action.  Christ calls us to an active faith, and I'm suggesting that's unreasonable

So, what are the unreasonable things about how you live out your faith?  I started thinking in terms of the church of Jesus Christ...and then narrowed the focus to my reasonable/unreasonable faith. 

Are you a member of an unreasonable parish?  Really?  What makes it so?  How can you make it more "unreasonable"?

How about YOUR faith?  It’s a matter of what it takes to show Jesus in you.  So, what unreasonable thing are you doing? 

In the 21st Century, simply showing up on Sunday is considered, by some, a huge sacrifice for the faith.  Sadly, in America, that’s way too reasonable.

The Beatitudes are unreasonable.

The Summary of the Law is unreasonable.

Intercessory prayer is unreasonable.  Checking up on the prayer requests are equally unreasonable.

Ministry outside your age group or in a mission is unreasonable.

Christ continuing to love me (knowing me as I do) is unreasonable.  But He does.  I am His brother.

Maybe what I am suggesting is you, going out into the world, doing something "unreasonable" for Christ’s sake, and glory.

Make it the best day!

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