Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Therapy? Therapies

After my stroke, I found that singing helped in gaining the new pathways our brains have from thought to speech.  I am sold on it as a therapy.  But it’s one among many.

Walking, even up and down the stairs at home was wonderfully therapeutic - since the first 6 weeks of my recovery at home was down stairs, in my family room turned into a bedroom.  A move forward.

I can still remember my 6 year old’s comment when I got to the top of the stairs for one of the first times since leaving for the hospital.  In a very matter-of-fact way he said, “Big deal, Dad.  You’ve been doing that since you were a little boy.”

It was a big deal to me.

Part of the reason I couldn’t do that ascent was my fear.  Making “the climb” up the stairs was a huge barrier to progress, whether it is seen as such by a 6 year old boy, or an adult.

The larger question is whether we are willing to stop at the top of the stairs.

For those living s a stroke overcomer, there are other therapies to help.  Water, in terms of the warmth of a pool, of moving, etc.  If your town has a pool...

Don’t be discouraged that it’s too little, too slow.  I remind myself of the discouragement of Elijah, hiding in a cave, and God spoke to him in that “still, small voice.” (1 Kings 19:11-13).  God knows our discouragements, and speaks to us in a voice we can hear and understand.

Move forward, and do great and mighty things!

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