Friday, January 21, 2011

The Blog Title - A Gimpy Bishop

I named the blog because of where I am physically.  I walk badly, a gimp.  It's not an excuse, it's just where things are.  There are, however, things I've learned...and am learning, I'd like to share with you.

I also know I am called to serve Christ's church as a pastor.  But nearly pastor has a blog.  What I bring to 'the table' are the hopes and frustrations of 10 years as a disabled person.

I hated to see myself as a 'disabled person'.  I wanted to 'get back to normal' and stop the madness.  But why would God so 'bless' me? WHY?

This answer I got right from the Little Children's Catechism, when the question is asked, "Why did God make you and all things?"  The answer is wonderfully childlike - "For His own glory."  In other words, for His larger plan, that we may or may not learn in this lifetime.

He is the Almighty God.  There is none like Him.  And if He chooses to bless me with a stroke..."Thank you Lord."  It's not like coming into a fraternity - "Thank you Sir, may I have another."

He is no bully or superman...or frat boy.  I needed to learn that His ways are vastly better and more complex than mine.  He is caring for me, for my family, for my parish and denomination in His timing.  And He is also caring for people I will never know...that He still loves.  Read and meditate on the Book of Job.

It's not about you...or me.  It's about the glory of God (an area too few Christians meditate on).  It took a stroke to force me to think like a child, but it was worth it!


  1. The Glory of God, what a wonderful thought to begin this day. Many blessings.

  2. Well said, Bishop Fincke. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. We are truly blessed because in a heartbeat God saw fit to strip us of everything we were so proud of in the physical,so sure of of mentally, and takes us down to near infancy to begin again, not unlike being born again. Wouldn't have signed up for it because of my ignorance, but now that I'm here, we are here I see things much clearer, few things clamor for my attention, and I have realized a great truth that escapes many, it's not about me.